Alameda Labor Council – Campaign School

Date: Saturday, April 12, 2014
Time: 8:30am to 5:30pm
Location: IBEW 595 Hall
6250 Village Parkway
Dublin, Ca 94568
Contact: ALC Elections Coordinator, Tamara Perine
Phone: (510) 927-6146
Description:  Join us as we get ready to hone our skills to achieve victory for  working  families in 2014!   This will also be our campaign kick-off for AD 16 victory! For more info and to sign up contact Tammy Perine, ALC Elections Coordinator:  See you soon!     (Open to union members, staff, and officers only.)

Notice of Election for IAM International Offices

In accordance with the provisions of Aritcle III of the IAM Constitution, the IAM will conduct elections for the offices of International President, General Secretary-Treasurer and 8 General Vice Presidents for terms ending of June 30, 2017. Voting for these Grand Lodge officers will be held at the first or only meeting of your local lodge in the month of April 2014 at the date, time and location set forth below. The Nominees receiving the highest number of votes of all members voting shall be declared elected.

Date, Time and Location of Voting
Date: Tuesday, April 1, 2014
Time: From 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Location: IAMAW Local Lodge 1546, 10260 McArthur Blvd, Oakland, CA 94605

Only members in good standing of the local lodge will be permitted to vote in the election of Grand Lodge officers. To assist in verifying your eligibility to vote in the election, bring this letter with you to your local lodge election meeting, along with a photo ID. Good standing will be verified by the local lodge membership list.

All eligible members who arrive at the polls before closing will be permitted to cast their ballots. Polls will remain open for this purpose, if necessary.

California Labor Federation – 2014 Joint Legislative Conference

2014 Joint Legislative Conference

Sponsored by the California Labor Federation and
State Building and Construction Trades Council

March 17 – 18, 2014 at the Sheraton Grand Hotel

Sheraton Grand Hotel (SOLD OUT!)
1230 J Street, Sacramento 95814
916-447-1700 or 1-800-325-3535
Room rate is $189/standard room

The Citizen Hotel
926 J Street, Sacramento 95814
Phone: 916-447-2700 or 916-492-4446
Ask for the Joint Legislative Conference rate
$130 Registration (includes lunch & dinner tickets, plus materials).
Click here to register online now!

Monday, March 17th (Sheraton Grand Hotel)
9A – Plenary Session
10:45A – Overview of Labor’s 2014 Legislative Priorities
12:30P – Lunch Program
1:45P – Workshops
5:30P – Reception
6:30P – Dinner Program

Tuesday, March 18th
8:00A – Lobby Day: Join your Labor Council for lobby visits

  • Organizing: Our legislative work is about building power for workers. A briefing on how to use the state laws that our unions have passed to protect workers from immigration threats and support workers trying to organize.
  • Healthcare: How Do We Save Job-Based Health Benefits? Come learn about ways to contain costs and maintain high-quality on-the-job health coverage for all workers.
  • “Changing the Narrative”: A briefing on how labor can change the public perception of unions and go on the offense to build a progressive economic agenda for California.
  • How to use the Labor Agency to best advocate for your members: This Administration has filled the Labor Agency with some of the smartest and most committed representatives. Come meet the new appointees and learn how best to advocate for your members.
  • The State of California’s Infrastructure: A briefing on the status of water, school, high-speed rail and transportation infrastructure and how we can rebuild this economy through construction investments.
  • Key 2014 Political Campaigns: Engage top political consultants and political directors in a discussion about statewide initiatives, legislative races and other important issues in the 2014 elections.

Report of Nominations for Grand Lodge Officers

An election is being held Union wide for the offices of International President, General Secretary-Treasurer, and 8 General Vice Presidents. For members of Local 1546, your opportunity to vote is on April 1st from 8am – 8pm at:

International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers
Local Lodge 1546
10260 MacArthur Blvd.
Oakland, CA 94605
(510) 638-6705


IAM members in more than 800 local lodges in the United States and Canada have concluded nominations and runoff votes where necessary to determine lodge endorsements for the IAM Executive Council positions of International President, General Secretary-Treasurer and, for U.S. locals, eight General Vice Presidents.

Click here for a complete tabulation of local lodge endorsements.


As a result of the local lodge endorsements and in accordance with the IAM Constitution, the election of Grand Lodge officers will be conducted at local lodge meetings in the month of April, 2014.


The members chosen as nominees under the endorsement process are as follows
(nominees are listed in order of the number of endorsements received):


For International President

R. Thomas Buffenbarger, Local Lodge 912
Jay Cronk, Local Lodge 1112


For General Secretary-Treasurer

Robert Roach, Jr., Local Lodge 1445
Dale Cancienne, Local Lodge 1905


For 8 General Vice Presidents

Mark Blondin, Local Lodge 751C
Gary R. Allen, Local Lodge 794
Lynn D. Tucker, Jr., Local Lodge 2312
Robert Martinez, Jr., Local Lodge 776A
Dora Cervantes, Local Lodge 2198
Sito Pantoja, Local Lodge 949
Philip J. Gruber, Local Lodge 688
Diane Babineaux, Grand Lodge
Patrick E. Maloney, Local Lodge 63
Karen Asuncion, Local Lodge 1759
Tim O’Brien, Local Lodge 851
Jason Redrup, Local Lodge 751A
Sande Lien, Local Lodge 2202

New Health Benefit for Local 1546 Members

Working with machinery and automobiles are two career choices that can be hard on the ears. Local 1546 members now have access to a discount benefit for audiologists and hearing devices.

The EPIC program provides members with access to a national network of audioogists and ENT physicians, and offers 30-60% discounts off of name brand hearing aids and technology.

Watch your mailbox for more information or contact EPIC Hearing Healthcare at 866-956-5400 for a referral to a participating provider in your area or go on-line to:

New Website To Showcase Your Skills On-Line

From -

WorkHands is a new website dedicated to helping skilled trades workers connect across the U.S. For those who know about online networking sites, WorkHands has been dubbed the “Linked-in for blue collar workers.”

The concept, according to founder Patrick Cushing, is to “help blue collar workers build their own identity on the web so they can find their next job faster and easier, stay connected with their employers and organizations, as well as share their past projects with folks who can understand and appreciate high-level craftsmanship.”

Focused initially on the Bay Area, WorkHands is an online social network for workers to list their skills, show examples of work, get advice on building resumes, obtain necessary licenses and certifications, and stay in touch with colleagues.

“WorkHands is 100% free for workers. Period,” says Cushing. “Working in the trades is hard enough so we want to be a place where workers know they can catch a break. WorkHands will sell job posts to companies looking to hire skilled trades professionals. We will also offer private networking for organizations like unions and training programs to improve communication and coordination with their members.”

WorkHands’ profiles emphasize the pride workers take in their craft by giving them a place to build a portfolio of their work. If you’re a great welder, you can show that in pictures of your welds. If you’re a great electrician, show how tidy your wiring is. WorkHands enables you to display the licenses and certifications that you’ve earned. Workers can also list tools and machinery they know how to use, or own, to further indicate their ability to get the job done.

Despite paper resumes not doing trade work justice, workers still need them. WorkHands automatically generates a paper resume for workers with just the click of a button.

The WorkHands team initially built the website to help Laney College’s Industrial Maintenance students get ahead in their job search and has been in private beta up until September 10, 2013. Watch for the WorkHands i-phone app to come out soon.

To load your resume on-line, go to

IAM International Officer Nominee Vote

Saturday February 8th we will be holding an election to select our nominees for International office. The offices of International President, General Secretary Treasurer, and General Vice Presidents are open for nominations.

Members of Local 1546 can vote Saturday, February 8th from 6am – 8am or 6pm – 8pm at:

Local Lodge 1546
10260 MacArthur Blvd.
Oakland, CA 94605
(510) 638-6705


Updates from our Business Agency

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Oakland Contracts Near And Far

Svenhard’s: Two separate but related contracts with Svenhard’s for the three members at the truck repair shop and seven who do plant maintenance have been ratified. “It’s a pretty nice contract,” says Business Rep Pat Woodward. The three–year agreement includes wage increases of 50 cents/hour each year, and an increase in the health and welfare cap that’s high enough that the members should not have to pay any out–of–pocket increases.

Pleasanton Truck & Equipment: Instead of using a formula tied to the Consumer Price Index, as they had in the past, the new contract provides a hard wage increase of $1.25/hour for each of the five years of the agreement, explains Woodward. In addition, the company will cap the out–of–pocket health and welfare cost at $500 for the life of the contract. They will also increase the 401(K) contribution by $8.50/hour for the first year, and add $5/hour in each of the subsequent years and they will increase the retiree medical contribution. The wage increase here keeps parity with the rest of the garbage industry, which is what they service.

Livermore Ford: Crosatto reports that the negotiations for a first contract at Livermore Ford are currently going nowhere fast. “Techs are frustrated and are quitting. The company is offering $5 raises just to keep people there.”

Truck Contracts: At press time, Crosatto reports that the members at Coast Counties Truck, Golden Gate Freightliner, and East Bay Ford Truck have all rejected their contracts. The main issues revolve around tying wage increases to training. “We’re going back to the table with all three employers and are hopeful that we’ll get good settlements all around,” Crosatto adds.

Strike At Ford Store Results In Progress At Bargaining Table: The techs, service writers, and parts department people at The Ford Store in San Leandro have been working without a contract for more than a year and a half. The company had proposed 48 takeaways, and the talks were going nowhere. “We had a one day strike in September to see if we could drum up some movement,” says Business Rep Steve Older. The members then picketed on weekends for a month. With the talks continuing to inch along, the members planned for a one–week strike at the end of October. The company announced a “grand re–opening” for after the strike, but when the managers all decided to fly to LA for the USC game, the members decided to stay out a second week. After that, the members went back to work under federal mediation and a 30–day cooling off period. Older reports that the company is moving up, slowly. “We probably can’t get away from flat rate, but we’re talking about a 90% wage guarantee. It’s a militant group and the strike definitely had an effect. We’re finally seeing movement.”